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Streamer Asmongold trolls ‘Pink_Sparkles’ with hilarious cleavage gag

Published: 5/Jan/2019 17:15

by Calum Patterson


Popular Twitch streamer ‘Pink_sparkles’, was trolled by her partner Asmongold – a popular streamer in his own right – after she wore a somewhat revealing outfit on stream.

Pink_sparkles is known for her often suggestive clothing, and although not in breach of any Twitch rules, it’s certainly is part of her show.

While playing Fortnite, Sparkles asked her partner Asomngold for some assistance in setting up her camera correctly, to which he obliged.

Rather than simply moving the frame so that gameplay was visible however, Asmongold trolled Sparkles by closing the angle to show only her cleavage.

Concerned this might get her in trouble with Twitch, under the sexual content section of the community guidelines, Pink_Sparkles attempted to rectify the camera angle, but instead only made it worse.


Thankfully Asmongold stepped back in before any damage could be done.

Pink_Sparkles was right to be concerned too – Twitch can be strict with breaches of community guidelines, often handing down temporary bans instantly.

Earlier in January, another streamer was given a suspension after accidentally streaming topless, believing her camera had stopped broadcasting – although the ban only lasted three days.