Streamer 39daph won’t support RFLCT skincare despite hate from Valkyrae fans

valkyrae 39daphValkyrae/39daph

Twitch streamer 39daph responded to the backlash from Valkyrae’s fans after roasting the fellow streamer’s new skincare line RFLCT that claims to “protect” its users from “blue light pollution”.

On October 19, YouTube star streamer and 100 Thieves co-owner Valkyrae announced her new skincare line called RFLCT.

The skincare product was immediately labelled as a “scam” by critics, causing a controversy over the science backing the validity of the product.

Sentinels streamer 39daph, who happens to be known for collaborating with the 100 Thieves star, chimed in on the situation, poking fun at the product.

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Twitch: 39daph
39daph has grown her Twitch channel to over 900k followers.

39daph on Valkyrae’s skincare line

Daph made fun of the skincare announcement, using a gif of her shaking uncontrollably and said, “when i turn on my monitor but forgot my blue light resistant cream.”

After memeing on the RFLCT product, she received some hate from Valkyrae fans who accused the streamer of not supporting her friend during a big product launch.

39daph took exception to the backlash from Valkyrae fans, and decided to clarify her opinion on the situation.

She said, “I think this shows the extent of parasocial thinking in these kids, I’m acquaintances with Rae at most lmao. Playing one or two games together doesn’t make us good friends. I’m also not obligated to support or promote a product I disagree with. Anyways.”

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39daph pointed out that she isn’t obligated to support a product she disagrees with and stood her ground against the reaction from Valkyrae fans. Whether or not that stems the tides, though, remains to be seen.

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