Star YouTuber Cameron Dallas accused of homophobic attack against popular makeup artist

Cameron Dallas, Cole Carrigan - Instagram

YouTuber Cameron Dallas is best known for his music career, which has earned him over 5.6 million subscribers on the platform – but a recent debacle has put his name in social media circles for a different reason, entirely.

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Popular makeup artist and fellow YouTuber Cole Carrigan uploaded a video to Twitter on May 5, claiming that Dallas had come up to him at a house party, unprovoked, and thrown a bottle of water on his pants – an action that Carrigan claims was motivated by homophobia.

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The video in question was apparently taken after the incident took place, with Carrigan approaching Dallas and angrily explaining the situation to his fans.

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“…fucking ugly-ass Cameron Dallas is throwing water all over my fucking pants like a peice of shit,” Carrigan says in the clip. “So fuck you.”

Carrigan followed up his video with another statement on the matter, claiming that Dallas “froze up” after realizing he was being called out.

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“The kid was shook that I started recording him and froze up real fucking quick,” he wrote of the debacle. “It’s 2019. If you’re still homophobic or insecure about your own sexuality so you have to take it out on people who are confident with theirs, you’re TRASH.”

Carrigan’s fans speak out on the alleged attack

While Dallas has yet to respond to Carrigan’s accusations, fans are sounding off on the matter across Twitter, decrying Dallas’s alleged attack and expressing sympathy for Carrigan.

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“Are you kidding me? I adored cameron! I thought he was better than this,” one fan replied. “I’m sorry, Cole.”

“Oh, fuck no,” another wrote. “Not only are you IN YOUR OWN HOME where you should be safe, BUT he is a guest and crossed the line. I’m so sorry you had to experience this.”

Cameron Dallas’s previous legal troubles

This wouldn’t be the first time Dallas has been in trouble, either; the former Vine star was arrested in December 2018 on assault charges, after police found a man with a bloodied face in his hotel in Aspen, Colorado.

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Dallas followed up his arrest by releasing his mug shot in a Tweet shortly thereafter, claiming that he’d assaulted the man out of self-defense.

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