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Spanish streamer Grefg reveals why he was banned on Twitch

Published: 3/Jul/2020 20:38 Updated: 4/Jul/2020 20:15

by Virginia Glaze


UPDATE July 4 2020, 12:13PM: Grefg has now been unbanned on Twitch, following his 24 hour suspension.

Original story below.

Spanish Twitch star ‘Grefg’ has been banned from the platform after accidentally showing a video on stream that broke the site’s community guidelines.

Grefg is a popular face among Spanish Twitch viewers, boasting over 14.2 million subscribers on his YouTube alone due to his humorous Minecraft content, Fortnite games and collaborations with other broadcasters.

However, Grefg’s streaming schedule took a sharp turn on July 3, with the Streamer Bans Twitter account confirming that the Spaniard had been banned from the site.

Grefg selfie
grefg_official, Instagram
Grefg is a hugely popular Spanish entertainer, who was surprisingly banned from Twitch after a shocking Community Guidelines infraction.

Fans took to social media to discover the reason for his suspension, which Grefg explained in a Tweet of his own shortly thereafter.

According to the streamer, he’d been banned for a 24-hour period from the platform due to an issue during an event in his Minecraft stream.

“I have officially been banned from Twitch,” the broadcaster wrote, as told via a Google translation on Twitter. “The ban will be in effect for 24 hours, and it was from a troll video that we ate at a Calvaland event. I accept and respect the decision of Twitch, since I think that with the greatest they are the ones with whom we must set an example.”

Although we cannot show the “troll” video in question here, viewers posted a clip that appears to be from the offending moment that took place during Grefg’s stream, which showed some less-than-savory material that broke Twitch’s Community Guidelines.

While it seems that the shocking video popped up during his on-stream foray into YouTube, without the streamer’s intention of showing such content, he appears to agree with his punishment, and will return to the platform after his 24-hour ban is complete.

This ban comes as a huge shock to fans, as the Spanish streamer became one of the fastest-growing channels on Twitch in fall 2019, despite only starting his channel in October.

Being the fourth most-watched Spanish channel on the platform at the time, and breaking into the top 150 most-watched channels as a whole, it seemed like Grefg was on the fast-track to success.

In spite of his ban, his fanbase is highly supportive of the streamer, who will continue to have a huge viewerbase in spite of his current 24-hour down period.


Fuslie reveals disgusting encounter with IRL stalker

Published: 20/Oct/2020 21:32

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Twitch streamer Leslie ‘Fuslie’ Fu revealed a disturbing story during an October 19 broadcast, claiming that a strange man had stalked her and a friend at a shopping mall in 2015 — leaving something totally gross behind, in the process.

Fuslie is a well-known presence on Twitch, boasting over 415,000 followers on the site for her humorous variety broadcasts and collaborative content with other high-profile streamers.

However, being internet-famous is no cakewalk, as she revealed during an October 19 stream, where she told scary stories with her fiancé and fellow Twitch star, Edison Park.

During the broadcast, Fuslie claimed that in 2015, she and a friend had organized a meetup at a tofu restaurant in Irvine’s Diamond Jamboree shopping mall after wrapping up their own individual streams.

Before she left, though, she received a call from her friend, who claimed that a man in a large, white car had been about to leave the area before spotting her.

“She said, ‘He gave me the creepiest look I’ve ever seen,’” Fuslie claimed. “‘It sent chills running down my spine. He just gave me this horrible look.’”

Instead of leaving the lot, he parked directly across from her, causing some sense of urgency from Fuslie’s friend, who didn’t want to walk into the restaurant by herself.

Thankfully, Fuslie came to the rescue a short time later and the two were able to share a lighthearted dinner — but the man in the car still hadn’t left.

Five hours later, as the women left the restaurant, Fuslie’s friend frightenedly noticed that he was still in the parking lot. He had moved his car directly between she and her friend’s vehicles, creating a terrifying buffer in an otherwise empty lot.

The two hatched a plan to hurry and pile in the car of Fuslie’s friend, tearing out of the lot in an effort to get away from the stalker. After blending in with other cars and hiding in another packed lot some distance away, it seemed that they had shaken off their stalker — but that wasn’t the end of this harrowing tale.

After being dropped off at her own car as the sun rose, Fuslie noticed something odd on the side of her driver’s side door — something she described as “egg whites.”

Needless to say, the stalker had apparently left something behind for the women he was following around, and it isn’t the kind of substance anyone would want to have plastered on their car from a total stranger.

“This is totally crazy,” she said of the incident. “This is like the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Despite her best efforts to wash off the organic matter, Fuslie could never get out the stain it left behind — nor the pure terror and trauma from that awful incident, five years later.