Mr Beast ends Finger on the App challenge early with four $20k winners

Connor Bennett

[jwplayer h3XPfMqQ]YouTube sensation Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ Donaldson has officially ended his ‘Finger on the App’ challenge, paying off the final four contestants to end the strenuous challenge after three long days.

MrBeast has become synonymous with YouTube challenges that see either his friends or his viewers winning thousands of dollars or tonnes of expensive technology. 

As he’s continued to up the ante, making the challenges even more intense and adding bigger payouts, his Finger on the App challenge has swept the globe. It’s pretty simple, download his specific app and keep your finger on the screen longer than anybody else that is competing. 

Though, as you might expect, the field whittled down pretty quickly. Players have bowed out because they’ve answered a call, their phone has ran out of battery, or because someone has sabotaged them (“Hey, Siri”). Yet, the YouTuber has now cut down the field himself with cash. 

MrBeast launches app
Mr Beast’s Finger on the App challenge has gained plenty of attention.

Late into the day on July 2, Mr Beast dropped a dastardly tweet that suggested he was willing to start buying people out of the tournament. 

He quickly followed that up by appearing in livestreams of people taking part in the challenge, offering them $5,000 to bow out. 

MrBeast gave them five minutes to make their decision – scoop up the easy $5,000 or hold on and try to bag the top prize of $25,000. He revealed that two quickly took him up on the offer and bowed out with the quick cash.

On July 3, the 22-year-old went a step further and called up another player to offer them a whopping $10,000 in exchange for taking their finger off the app.

“I just… I want this to end,” the participant said in a phone call conversation shared on Twitter by the YouTuber. “Well, dude. I’ll give you $10,000 if you take your finger off right now,” Mr Beast replied. “$10,000. Has your name on it.”

After hesitating for a couple of seconds, the contestant agreed to take the cash and quit early, leaving just four players in the battle for victory.

Obviously, some players ignored his offer and powered on in the hope of winning the top prize, but the players who quit were obviously content with taking the guaranteed money.

Maybe less content now that they found out, just a few hours later, the top four were each been bought out, at $20,000 apiece.

One of the weirdest, most draining challenges has finally reached its conclusion. Four people are $20,000 richer, one is $10,000 richer, and another two are $5,000 richer. In a challenge meant to test how far people would go to win $25,000, we actually ended up finding out MrBeast’s own limits—and that he’d eventually pay about $80,000 just for this whole thing to end.

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