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Pokimane Has Another Weird Encounter with a Young Kid on Fortnite

Published: 22/Aug/2018 13:46 Updated: 22/Aug/2018 14:42

by Calum Patterson


Pokimane, a popular streamer on Twitch, recently had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with a very rude 12 year old she matched up with on Fortnite duos, and now it seems she can’t get away from them.

As many Fortnite streamers do, Pokimane often plays ‘random duos’, where she will search for a duo game by herself and is then matched with another random player.

It can make for great stream highlights, as fans will often recognize the name of their partner and be starstruck, not believing their luck that they get to play with one of their favorite streamers.

But unfortunately, not all fans are so courteous, as Pokimane found out the hard way. Her first encounter, which quickly went viral, had a 12 year old go way too far in explaining how much he liked her.

The young player did however come out and make an apology video following his actions.

Pokimane wasn’t discouraged though, and once again played more random duos on stream, and once again met up with a very young player, who thankfully was of fewer words.

However, it quickly took a turn for the worst after Pokimane complimented how ‘cute’ he was – to which the young player responded by just swearing back at her.

The kid didn’t say a single word after this either, completely ignoring Pokimane as she tried to co-ordinate where they would land for the match, and then just leaving the game as soon as he was eliminated.

On this occasion, it seems the player was actually too young to even know who he was playing with, which at least mean that Pokimane didn’t have to endure any over the top comments of affection.

After the first incident, Pokimane took to Twitter to ensure that the reputation of young players wasn’t painted with the same brush:

“I’ve played countless games with strangers and I’ve rarely ever had negative interactions with them, but there’ll always be a few bad apples here & there.”


Regardless, Pokimane’s experience with some players, especially of the younger generation, may cause her to be cautious with who she plays with in the future.


Celina Powell spills the tea on explosive Jeffree Star ‘blackmail’

Published: 24/Oct/2020 19:42

by Charlotte Colombo


Instagram star Celina Powell has weighed in on Jeffree Star’s drama with ex-boyfriend Andre Marhold in a dramatic Instagram live with her friend Jasmine.

Although Jeffree Star seemed determined to move on from the Marhold drama in his YouTube return earlier this month – wherein he confirmed that his ex was getting prosecuted for ‘robbing’ him – Celina Powell has added another twist in the tale after making a string of dramatic revelations in her Instagram live.

Claiming she had a conversation with Marhold about Star, Powell said the makeup mogul has nineteen cameras in the house, that the ex-boyfriend “wasn’t even gay” and that he was “only there to have fun in his [Star’s] pool”. He also apparently claimed that Star was the one who robbed him, not the other way round.

star insta
Instagram: Jeffree Star
According to Powell, Marhold accused Star of being racist among other things.

But that’s not all; calling up her friend, who is only identified as Jasmine, the two also claimed that Andre said the relationship “was all for publicity”, and that he even planned to “blackmail” the YouTuber.

Recalling that Marhold also asked her about NDAs, Celina said she told Marhold that “Jeffree can’t do sh*t” and encouraged him to spill the tea.

This led to Marhold to allegedly make a string of other claims, including Star being a “hater”, disliking fellow beauty YouTuber Nikita Dragun and, echoing accusations from fans in the past, being a “racist”.

She then went on to say that she convinced Marhold to fly to Miami in order to help him “expose” Jeffree before turning the tables on him, saying that she went to Star with this information and telling him “this is the scumbags you have in your life”.

In response, Star relayed her the messages that Marhold had sent him, which includes “thirsty” comments like, “I just want to show you that I appreciate you with all my heart”.

“How can you say you don’t care about this man when you do?” Powell asked.

marhold star texts
Instagram: Celina Powell/Twitter: DefNoodles
After coming to Star with Marhold’s plans to expose him, Powell claims that he sent her a range of “thirsty” messages that proves he in fact cares for her.

She ended the IG Live by calling Marhold a “f*cking liar”, saying that “everything he says is a lie”.

Both Star and his ex-boyfriend are yet to speak publicly about this latest development in the saga that’s followed their falling out.