Sodapoppin mocks VTuber tag misuse on Twitch after fury sparks online

Emma Hill
Sodapoppin on YouTubeYouTube: Sodapoppin

Streamer Chance ‘Sodapoppin’ Morris has added some fuel to the fire after appearing to mock the Vtuber tag dispute which has gripped the streaming community. It comes after some content creators were criticized for misusing the Vtuber tag on their streams.

A heated dispute sparked online after fans called out several high-profile streamers, including Amouranth and xQc, for using the Vtuber tag on their streams, even though they aren’t Vtubers.

Although this may seem like a fairly harmless way to boost numbers for some, Vtubers have heavily criticized streamers who misuse the tag as it pushes them further down the rankings. As a result, real Vtubers could lose out on views and potential subs.

Now, Sodapoppin has added his view to the debate in a tweet and, while it may have seemed as if he was on the side of Vtubers, others suspect he was actually mocking the drama.

Sodapoppin laughingTwitch: Sodapoppin
Sodapoppin fans weren’t sure whether his tweet supporting Vtubers was actually meant to be sarcastic.

Sodapoppin responds to Vtuber tag drama

As the debate continues to heat up on social media, a number of streamers, some of which have been called out for exploiting the tag, have shared their view on the dispute.

In a tweet posted on April 19, Sodapoppin said: “Omg guys, don’t use the Vtuber tag under your channel if you’re not a Vtuber! Have some common sense for real guys! It’s hard enough to make it as a streamer without you guys holding all these talented Vtubers back!”

Although it appeared as though Soda was showing support for Vtubers, some fans smelt a whiff of sarcasm in the tweet and accused the streamer of mocking the issue.

Although it’s not entirely clear whether Soda’s tweet was sarcastic, it nonetheless sparked another dispute about the topic in the comments with fans from both sides of the argument sharing their opinion.

For example, Twitter user ‘Plantinspector1’ argued: “If people want to use the VTuber tag, let them! At the end of the day, it’s up to them.”

However, Vtuber ‘graveygirl24’ fired back saying that the biggest streamers “don’t need to use those tags since they are not Vtubers. It is a niche, but you have to fit in that niche to utilize it.”

With Soda still being banned from Twitch, as of writing, we probably won’t know for sure about his take on the Vtuber tag until he returns. Then again, this hasn’t stopped the debate from continuing to heat up on social media; especially after xQc responded to the accusations made against him.