xQc hits back at criticism for “misusing” VTuber tag on Twitch

xQc streaming on TwitchxQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has responded to complaints regarding his use of the VTuber tag on Twitch, explaining why people shouldn’t care. 

Popular Twitch streamer xQc has never shied away from voicing his opinion on the latest online drama. In fact, the content creator is usually one of the first to comment on various topics and debates, with many of his fans enjoying his direct approach. 

Recently, the streamer came under fire for his use of the VTuber streaming tag, which has led people to call xQc out over the tag’s misuse. However, despite the anger over this situation, the Twitch star has now hit back at his critics. 

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xQc on VTuber Twitch tag drama

After receiving a complaint from commenters about how he is misusing the VTuber tag and that it goes against Twitch TOS, xQc made it clear that he did not care. 

“Let’s stop the hypocrisy, people have been misusing sections and tags since the beginning of time,” explained the streamer. “The reality is, nobody should give a f*ck. If you’re mad, you are the only person who cares. So, get mad dumbf*ck.” 

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This obviously isn’t the response his critics had been wanting, but it’s clear xQc isn’t willing to back down on his use of the VTuber tag. In fact, the content creator was keen to stress that he himself is a VTuber. 

“Stop gatekeeping. This is a message to VTubers, what gives you the right to say that I’m not a VTuber? I identify as a VTuber, I put it in my tags because I think I’m a Vtuber. Therefore, I am a VTuber.” 

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Since this response, xQc has continued to use the tag on his streams and certainly has no plans to take it off his channel anytime soon.

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