Vtubers furious as Twitch streamers abuse Vtuber tag to boost streams

vtubers angry with xqc amouranth

Vtubers are up in arms as several larger Twitch streamers are exploiting the Vtuber tag to boost their streams and push actual Vtubers further down the list.

Twitch has attempted to implement certain features to improve discoverability on the platform. These improvements include new categories, new tags, and putting streams on the front page via paid boosts.

Thanks to internet trolls, these experimental features usually result in banned content on Twitch’s front page or larger streamers exploiting them for even more views. As if metas weren’t enough, one of Twitch’s best discovery features is the newest target of exploitation.

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Content Labels are used by streamers similar to tags on YouTube or hashtags on Twitter. If a viewer is looking for specific content or communities, they can narrow their search by using tags.

But users are frustrated when streamers use tags that aren’t in line with their content, and Twitch has yet to enforce its own TOS.

twitch tags vtuberTwitch
Vtubers and other streamers use tags to specify what content they offer.

Vtubers furious over tag exploitation

Several members of the Vtubing community have taken to Twitter to express their frustrations with streamers using the wrong label.

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They are calling out the platform’s largest streamers for wrongfully using these tags – including xQc, Amouranth, and Mizkif.

Some users are calling the misuse of tags a “new meta” that’s intentionally being abused to gain viewers. Others have pointed out how using the wrong tags is harmful to the Vtuber community. These massive streamers are at the top of the category pushing smaller Vtubers down the list.

“No f**king way is xQc using the ASMR, Vtuber, and anime tags while playing Call of Duty,” one user wrote. A Vtuber named GreyT stated, “Amouranth and many other people are using the Vtuber tag and it’s misleading and disrespectful to actual Vtubers.”

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A number of Vtubers have directed their anger toward Twitch for not punishing these offenses. Intentionally mislabeling your content is against Twitch’s Terms of Service and is prohibited on the platform.

“You aren’t a VTuber please don’t use the VTuber tag. Using the wrong tags is against TOS,” stated Vtuber Merciful. However, these large creators are seemingly getting away with using the Vtuber tag with zero repercussions.

Despite tag abusers, Vtubers are thriving on Twitch. Hundreds of unique virtual personalities can be found streaming at any given time, a number of which have grown their own communities.

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The main victims of tag abuse are the smaller Vtubers who may have been discovered had they not been overshadowed by a massive non-virtual creator.

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