Sodapoppin accidentally poops himself during live stream

Chance “Sodapoppin” Morris is one of Twitch’s top broadcasters, boasting an audience of over 2.6 million followers on the site – but with a large audience comes equally large blowups when things go wrong.

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Unfortunately for Morris, something went horribly wrong during a World of Warcraft Classic broadcast on October 19 – although it wasn’t in streamers’ usual slew of technical difficulties.

Instead, it looks like Morris suffered an unfortunate bodily compilation, which may have been a possible side effect of dealing with his current illness.

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Chance Morris, TwitterSodapoppin is one of Twitch’s top streamers.

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During his stream, Sodapoppin halted to let out a casual fart – which he quickly realized wasn’t actually a fart, at all.

Instead, the streamer announced that he had accidentally soiled himself, leaving his setup to change pants after admitting to the slip-up in panicked shock.

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“I’m literally, like, peeing out of my anus,” Sodapoppin explained upon returning to his stream a few moments later. “That was a mistake.”

Believe it or not, this wouldn’t be the first time a top streamer has pooped themselves during a live broadcast: in fact, Twitch star “PaymoneyWubby” suffered a similar accident during a stream on September 20 – nearly a full month ahead of Sodapoppin’s “sh*tty” situation.

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In much the same vein, Wubby also mistakenly trusted a fart, which ended in a hilarious tirade toward his audience where he claimed that he wouldn’t clean up the mess out of “pride.”

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“You know what, no,” he argued. “You know what? I’m looking at everyone in chat saying… ooh, hold on. You know you’ve done bad when the fart smell lingers and you realize it’s not a fart anymore. It’s emanating from an object. There’s a foreign object in my pants right now.”

Despite the hilarity of both situations, Sodapoppin’s sickness comes right in the middle of a competition for WoW Classic, making his embarrassing accident a really “crappy” development amidst an already stressful weekend.

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Thanks to live streaming, moments like these get captured as they happen in real time – resulting in hilarious (and embarrassing) moments for both viewers and streamers, alike.