Streamer has toilet disaster during live Twitch stream

PaymoneyWubby, Twitter / Freepik

Thanks to the advent of live streaming, platforms like Twitch and Mixer capture a slew of hilarious, unexpected, and sometimes downright gross moments as they happen in real-time – with some moments being more disgusting than others.

Twitch is a haven for a variety of content, from IRL streams to video games, sleight-of-hand tricks, and more – but even the most vanilla broadcasts can be interrupted by random occurrences out of left field.

Popular streamer “PaymoneyWubby” experienced one such interruption during a stream on September 20, much to his – and his audience’s – surprise.

PaymoneyWubby, Twitter

Wubby was explaining that he’d been invited to an invitational Overwatch tournament between Twitch streamers and TikTok stars when he unceremoniously paused to let out an inconvenient fart.

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As if that wasn’t humorous enough, it wasn’t just a fart that escaped the streamer: instead, it appears that Wubby actually shat himself on camera, as evidenced by the unsettlingly wet sound that emanated from his nether regions.

“Oh – oh, oh,” Wubby exclaimed as he promptly ended the stream, with his chat erupting into laughter at his apparent accident.

However, Wubby wasn’t gone for long – he quickly returned to explain the situation, admitting that he had, indeed, let out more than intended.

“You know what, no,” he began. “You know what? I’m looking at everyone in chat saying… ooh, hold on. You know you’ve done bad when the fart smell lingers and you realize it’s not a fart anymore. It’s emanating from an object. There’s a foreign object in my pants right now.”

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The streamer even claimed he wouldn’t clean up the mess “out of pride,” stating that he would “sit here in my own shit for the next couple hours and continue to stream as if nothing happened.”

This wouldn’t be the first time a streamer has had a “shitty” moment on camera, by far: in fact, German Twitch streamer and poker commentator Jens “Knossi” Knossalla received a package of tightly-wrapped poo in the post – which elicited an obviously disgusted reaction from the star.

No matter the content, Twitch always delivers on hilarious content – but some moments are more outrageous (and more disgusting) than others.

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