Sleepwalking TikToker caught “talking to ghosts” in creepy surveillance footage

Michael Gwilliam
tiktoker talks to ghosts

A sleepwalking TikToker is going viral after she revealed scary home surveillance footage of conversations she was having with ghosts.

Paranormal events on TikTok are a dime a dozen, but once in a while you get a clip that truly stands out and gets shared around. In this case, it’s a video of ‘celinaspookyboo’ talking with ghosts.

Celina Myers is fairly well-known on TikTok with only 26 million followers that watch her sleepwalking antics and the madness that she gets up to at night.

However, according to the TikToker, she was recently in Salem and spoke to a psychic who explained to her that she was clairvoyant and had supernatural abilities. As a result, she says she has the ability to speak with dead people.

TikToker chats with dead people in viral video

In a clip uploaded on September 28, Myers explained her situation leading into surveillance footage of her sleepwalking antics.

“When I’m sleepwalking, I’m not actually talking in my dreams. I’m talking to ghosts. Keep that in mind,” she said before a compilation of her conversations began playing.

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In the clips, the sleepwalker can be heard speaking to all sorts of invisible entities, asking one of them if “the 70s were sick” before putting on an accent and asking if they would “like a beverage.”

In the comments, the TikToker noted how her house was built in the 70s, implying that whoever she was speaking with could have some connection to her home.

Another batch has the TikToker repeating “to live is to suffer” before eventually joking “to live is to supper.”

So far, over 1 million users have viewed the clip so far and have shared some of their own sleepwalking experiences with one even claiming she got out of bed, took her clothes off and video called a friend.

While it’s not clear if Myers really is talking with ghosts, at least she’s managed to make others comfortable discussing sleepwalking and how it affects them.

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