Siege streamer BikiniBodhi banned on Twitch after LEC watch along

Fnatic’s Rainbow Six Siege content creator BikiniBodhi has been banned from Twitch seemingly for restreaming the LEC Summer Split playoffs without Riot’s permission.

DMCA takedowns are becoming more common on Twitch, and this time it’s popular Rainbow Six content creator BikiniBodhi breaking the rules, resulting in his first ban from the platform, presumably for restreaming the 2021 LEC Summer Playoffs.

BikiniBodhi, who is a content creator for FNATIC and has amassed almost 1.7M subscribers on YouTube, was broadcasting the 2021 LEC Summer Playoffs to show his support for his org as they played long-time rivals G2.

The stakes are high, with the winner heading to the 2021 Worlds championship and the loser heading home for the year. BikiniBodhi was excited to watch his team and had good intentions to bring his Siege audience to Fnatic’s League of Legends squad, but he wasn’t aware of the consequences he would face.

LEC Spring 2021 playoffs headerRiot Games
The LEC is the League of Legends European Championship.

The LEC holds some very strict rebroadcasting rules, with only selected streamers and Riot partners having legal permission to broadcast the stream, something that BikiniBodhi wasn’t aware of, as he streamed the games all in good faith.

Unsurprisingly, just after the first game, the content creator received his first-ever Twitch ban. BikiniBodhi took to Twitter shortly after, revealing “he was probably DMCA’d”, admitting not putting in the research and understanding if rebroadcasting it was okay or not.

It’s worth noting tthat Twitch only discloses ban reasons to the streamer, so we can’t confirm if this was the actual ban reason unless he says so.

Going off previous DMCA strikes we’ve seen on Twitch, we can presume the ban will be a minimum of 24 hours, though BikiniBodhi has assured his fans he’ll keep them updated whenever he finds out more.