How to get YouTube dislikes back: See how many dislikes on videos

Calum Patterson

YouTube’s controversial decision to remove the number of dislikes from being visible on each video has left users in the dark about how well a video has been received. But, you can get the dislike count back on YouTube very easily. Here’s how to return the dislike numbers to videos.

Ever since YouTube moved away from the star rating system on videos to the ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ options, the latter has been used as a tool to convey general disapproval of a video’s content.

However, while you can still dislike videos, the total number of dislikes a video has is no longer visible.

YouTube says it wanted to reduce “dislike attacking behavior” – where viewers would pile on the dislike button to drive the number up.

YouTube dislike count
YouTube says it hid the dislike count to prevent dislike “attacks”.

But, users have argued that without the dislike count, it’s hard to know if a video is reliable, especially for content like guides and news.

“We want to create an inclusive and respectful environment where creators have the opportunity to succeed and feel safe to express themselves,” YouTube explained. But, while dislike counts will remain private for most users, you can actually get them back on your personal browser.

How to see YouTube dislike count

The first step is to use Google Chrome. Google’s browser will allow you to install various plug-ins from the Chrome Web Store.

Almost as soon as the dislike count was removed, a plug-in was released called ‘Return YouTube Dislike’. This plug-in essentially returns the full YouTube dislike functionality as it was before.

  1. Install Google Chrome
  2. Visit the Chrome Web Store
  3. Install ‘Return YouTube Dislike

You will see the plug-in appear in your plug-in list in the top right of Chrome, where it can be removed at any time if you like.

There is a chance that YouTube/Google will remove this plug-in in the future, as it goes against their plans for the change, but for now, it’s fully functional and will bring back one of the platform’s best metrics.