Shroud and Tfue dethroned as fastest growing Twitch streamers by shady channel

Connor Bennett

Popular Twitch streamers Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek and Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney were dethroned as the two highest growing channels for the month of April by a highly suspicious, new account.

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Shroud and Tfue are already two of the most successful channels on the livestreaming platforms, boasting thousands of paying subscribers and the ability to draw in huge audiences just to watch them duke it out with opponents in a battle royale game of some kind.

That already-achieved success doesn’t stop them from growing, however. Yet, sometimes channels will pop up and have a huge surge in popularity – making shroud and Tfue’s channels look relatively normal compared to others.

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DreamhackThe former CS:GO pro can usually be found at the top of all-things Twitch rankings.

Another suspicious channel takes top spot

That has, again, happened during the month of April as neither shroud nor Tfue have taken the top spot of the highest growing channel. That honor has, instead, been won by the now-banned channel of ‘01sh01’.

The 01sh01 channel appeared on April 9, streaming in the Casino section for just over ten minutes before going offline. In that time, they were able to rack up 569,067 followers – beating both Tfue and Shroud by over 200 and 300 thousand followers respectively.

With the massive growth, it’s clear that the account was botting fake followers in a bid to rise up the rankings and advertise their gambling website to a wide range of Twitch viewers. However, they ultimately failed in that quest. 

Screengrab via TwitchMetricsShroud and Tfue both fell well short of the suspicious Casino channel.
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Will Twitch act on these accounts?

This isn’t the first time that this has happened, either.Fortnite Battle Royale streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins were pipped to the top spot by another casino channel – Slot_V.

A similar account, Novat0r_Konb, popped in March to beat shroud to the top spot too – racking up an insane amount of followers, 485,000 to be exact, before being struck down by the banhammer.

These channels, which are only used to advertise their gambling websites, don’t hang around for too long as Twitch acts pretty swiftly and has them banned in a relatively quick manner. 

While the livestreaming platform would probably prefer that they don’t pop up in the first place, it appears that whoever, or whatever, is behind them isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

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