Shroud overtaken as fastest growing Twitch streamer by very suspicious channel


One of Twitch’s most popular streamers, Michael ‘ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional has skyrocketed in popularity since the release of the new free-to-play battle royale title, Apex Legends. Shroud surpassed the 100,000 subscribers mark earlier in the month of March – capping off an incredible few weeks.

However, that incredible success doesn’t mean that he was the most followed channel for the month of March.

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ELEAGUEThe former CS:GO has become the new King of Twitch in recent weeks.

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Instead, that honor went to Novat0r_Konb – an account dedicated to advertising an online casino page. The brand-new channel gained over 485,000 followers during a 30-minute stream on March 3 – its only broadcast of the month.

The suspicious account seemingly has links to a channel, called Slot_V, that tried the same thing at the end of 2019. Before being deleted by Twitch, the profile photo for the Novat0r_Konb account showcased ‘Slot V’ above what looked like an offer designed to attract new users.

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TwitchMetricsShroud and Dizzy lagged behind the Casino streamer.
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The Slot_V account dominated the most followed channel charts in December – beating out incredibly popular Fortnite streamers Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney.

The account had amassed over 430,000 followers despite only attracting 3,000 viewers to their small 40-minute stream – strikingly similar to how Novat0r_Konb operated at the beginning of March.

Similarly to Novat0r_Konb, the account had its channel deleted from the streaming platform after seemingly botting fake viewers and followers in a bid to advertise their gambling website. 

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