Shroud surprises random Twitch streamer with 100 gifted subs and a massive host

At a time when many of the top streamers on Twitch are accused of simply playing the “in” game, whether they like it or not, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has reminded his viewers that it is important to stay true to yourself.

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Shroud is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch with over 4.6 million followers, but he wanted to remind his fans that having tens of thousands of viewers, and making a great deal of money playing whatever is the most popular game at a given time, should never be the only goal of an entertainer on the platform.

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“I don’t know what your goal is. Your goal shouldn’t be money, it should just be a hobby,” said the 24-year-old”. “And then if it makes money that’s fucking fantastic. But if your goal is to make money, you will definitely, and can, make it. If you’re just playing those games anyway, just do it. Right? There are some loyal fans out there man.”

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To further emphasize his point, the former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro scrolled through Twitch to find a game and streamer with less viewers, landing on a streamer named ‘EazyEJ’, who had just two viewers at the time.

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“Here we go, two viewers. See, you could just go here, see? He’s an affiliate, look at that, he’s an affiliate. Subscribe, you could gift a sub, you could gift this. Boom. Someone could just come by and literally just gift 100 subs just like that,” shroud explained as he did just that for EazyEJ.

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Meanwhile, in EazyEJ’s stream, the realization of what had just happened quickly began to set in as his subscriber notification went absolutely haywire.

“Whoah! Shroud?! Holy crap! POGS! Shroud, what?! What up shroud! Damn… how’s it going? Getting off for the night?” the smaller streamer exclaimed as shroud also began hosting him. “Thanks! Holy crap. I love you shroud!”

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Shroud’s point about playing the games that you enjoy and streaming because you love it, not because you want to make a huge amount of money, was certainly a massive benefit to EazyEJ.

At the time of writing this article, a number of hours since shroud’s original raid, is playing ‘Getting Over It’ for 1,700 viewers.