Shroud says WoW is killing his Twitch channel but he “doesn’t care”

Shroud (left), Word of Warcraft Dragonflight promo (right)Twitch: shroud/Blizzard Entertainment

Twitch star Shroud believes that playing World of Warcraft hurts his channel but he isn’t too fussed as he still enjoys streaming the MMO title.

Even when he was competing in Counter-Strike, Shroud made his name on Twitch thanks to his alien-like ability to tap headshots and pick up wins in all different types of games. Despite his FPS dominance, he’s been known to dip into games that his audience might not expect – including World of Warcraft.

“Valorant is not bad,” said Shroud during a recent stream. “Just like, it ain’t no WoW. All these games aren’t bad, they are just not World of Warcraft. That’s it, it’s really that simple.”

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Unfortunately, the former CS pro himself admitted that he cannot play World of Warcraft on stream as much as he would like, despite loving the game. All these problems seem to stem from declining viewership when he streams the popular MMO.

Shroud claims WoW is killing his channel

During his December 20 stream, Shroud sang: “World of Warcraft is my favorite game in the world, but it’s killing my channel. But I don’t f*cking care because I’m getting loot in a game, that I love.”

His words are backed up by his stream statistics. During December 19 stream Shroud was averaging around 14000 viewers when playing Overwatch 2, and then Valorant. That number dips around the 8000 mark when he switched to World of Warcraft.

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The former CS:GO pro did suggest that he might make a return to Apex Legends to break up his routine, praising it as one of the best battle royale games “hands down”.

At the end of the day, he’s got a dedicated enough fanbase that they’ll return when he plays the game they’d rather see, but they’ll take a break when he isn’t.