Shroud believes Apex Legends is still the best battle royale “hands down”

Shroud on streamshroud

Despite the recent surge in popularity for the likes of Warzone 2 and Fortnite, Twitch star shroud believes that Apex Legends is still comfortably the best battle royale on the market.

The battle royale genre is one of the most competitive in gaming, with numerous titles fighting to steal the spotlight from one another.

Fortnite Chapter 4‘s successful launch brought a new spike in popularity for Epic’s version of the formula, while the long-awaited release of Warzone 2 has received plenty of attention from players and streamers alike.

However, despite the strides that rival games have made in recent weeks, Twitch superstar shroud sill feels that Apex Legends is one step ahead of the competition.

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Shroud claims Apex Legends is still the number one battle royale

During his December 20 stream, shroud was once again playing World of Warcraft following the release of the Dragonflight expansion.

He then acknowledged how much time he has spent playing WoW in recent weeks, but asked his chat what else there is to play right now.

“Would I be playing Valorant? Would I be playing CoD? Would I be playing New World? Like what would I be playing?” he asked. “Overwatch 2 I like actually, but not enough to grind eight hours a day every day.”

The chat then suggested that Apex Legends could be the ideal way to mix things up, and while shroud didn’t jump at the chance to hop back in, he did heap some heavy praise on Respawn’s game.

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“Apex? Apex is still like the best BR, hands down. Hands down still the best BR.”

While other battle royales have been enjoying their time in the sun, Apex Legends is in something of a lull right now. The hype that came with Season 15 has died down, and we’re still weeks away from the launch of Season 16.

However, it’s a testament to the fun gameplay that Respawn has created over the last few years that shroud still considers Apex to be the top dog, even when its rivals are pulling out all the stops.