Shroud beats out Asmongold for most watched Starfield launch day Twitch stream

Dylan Horetski
Shroud Starfield

Shroud has beat out Asmongold, CohhCarnage, and plenty others as the most watch Starfield Twitch stream on its official launch day.

After years of development, Bethesda’s long-awaited space exploration game Starfield was finally released on September 6, 2023, to critical acclaim.

In typical fashion, Twitch’s top creators began streaming Starfield and had tens of thousands of fans flock to their channels throughout the day.

Former CS:GO pro shroud took the lead with the most hours watched with his Twitch stream, beating Asmongold and CohhCarnage in the process.

Shroud beats out Asmongold for Starfield watch hours

Thanks to Streams Charts, we know just how many hours of Starfield Twitch streams that people watched on launch day.

With over 2.4M hours watched on Twitch total, Streams Charts revealed that 185,000 of those watch hours was from shroud’s channel alone.

This is a massive 75% watch hours more than the second and third most watched viewers, CohhCarnage and Asmongold. shroud’s stream was longer, too, coming in at just under two hours longer than Cohh.

Streams Charts

Asmongold wasn’t live on his own channel either, instead streaming the launch on his alt Twitch account Zackrawrr which regularly gets less viewers than his Asmongold channel.

Rounding out the rest of the list is Fextralife, who recently came under fire for “stealing views,” as well as the likes of MoonMoon, Summit1g, and Jenfoxxx.

JenFoxxx, also known as IndieFoxx, was banned from the platform back in 2021 but it was lifted two years later prompting her to celebrate with a massive 17k viewer stream.

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