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Shane Dawson explains why he privately apologized to Charli D’Amelio

Published: 19/Jun/2020 0:36

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Shane Dawson explained to fans that he had to apologize to TikTok star Charli D’Amelio due to a misunderstanding over his criticism of the short-form video platform.

Shane Dawson and fiancee Ryland Adams have been vocal about their concerns regarding TikTok in the past, with Adams notably calling out many of the site’s viral dance trends for being “wildly inappropriate.”

However, Dawson himself wasn’t under fire due to his thoughts on the platform; instead, the documentarian claimed he’d received criticism after fans assumed he’d thrown shade at Charli D’Amelio during his fiancee’s April 29 vlog.

“It was a 15-year-old girl,” Dawson said in the video. “It was on my ‘For You’ page, and the song said, [redacted], and she was just like [dances]. She lip-synced! What is going on?”

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Instead, Dawson clarified that he had criticized another TikTokker for dancing to a song that contained explicit lyrics.

“Charli, I’ve spoken to, we’ve talked in the DMs,” he explained when he and Adams brought up the topic during their June 18 video. “I had to reach out to her and apologize. People thought I was shading her in one of Ryland’s videos.”

“I don’t think I was,” he continued. “I was talking about a girl I saw on a beach dancing to a song that said, ‘I got two d**ks!’ And everyone thought I was talking about Charli.”

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The YouTuber also made it clear that he has nothing but love for TikTok’s most-followed content creator, who rose to the top of the site over former leader Loren Grey in late March.

As previously mentioned, Adams and Dawson have spoken at length about their issues with TikTok in the past, with Ryland having notably spoken out against offensive trends that have gone viral on the app — including one that made fun of disabled individuals.

Ryland Adams talks about TikTok's problematic trends.
Ryland Adams, YouTube
YouTube star Ryland Adams expressed a few of his issues with TikTok’s viral trends in an April vlog.

“I have a lot of issues with TikTok being problematic to begin with,” he stated in an April 29 YouTube video. “There’s a lot of trends that really offend me in a large way.”

Luckily, it seems to be all love between the app’s reigning Queen and YouTube’s star documentarian, in spite of his concerns about the platform.

World of Warcraft

Shroud explains why WoW feels “completely different” in Shadowlands

Published: 25/Nov/2020 2:37 Updated: 25/Nov/2020 2:43

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Like most popular streamers, Shroud has been getting stuck into the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands grind, but although he’s enjoyed it so far, he said he feels like the game is “less immersive” than it used to be.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has taken the world by storm ever since it launched on November 23. Players have been hopping back into Azeroth to take the reigns of their characters once again.

Popular streamers like Mike ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek have been getting stuck into the grind too. He’s been very open about how much he loves the game and has streamed hours upon hours of World of Warcraft Classic. He even said he was willing to lose viewers to stream it.

Shroud World of Warcraft Shadowlands
Activision-Blizzard / Shroud
Shroud has thoroughly enjoyed playing World of Warcraft for many years now.

However, Shroud isn’t blinded by his love and adoration for the game. He still has some criticism for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and MMORPGs in general, and he mentioned them in his latest stream.

“I feel like [MMORPG’s] and WoW, in general, have transcended into something completely different,” he said. “In the past, you [played] because you were immersed. You were leveling up your character. You were getting new items. It felt good to be more powerful and do better things.”

“Now I feel like WoW is like play with friends and kill some shit,” he said. “That feeling of immersion and truly having an impact on the world and your character feeling there has kind of nullified.”

“When I played vanilla WoW in 2005, I was 11 years old, and it felt amazing,” he said. “It felt incredible. It felt like I was in my own realm. I was in my own world. Now it doesn’t feel like that. That feeling is gone.

The relevant part of the video starts at 2:00.

It’s a sentiment that others have echoed time and time again. The consensus is that MMORPGs have been streamlined throughout the years.

However, it hasn’t stopped millions of players, including Shroud, from enjoying World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. 

Plus, despite his criticism, he thinks now is the “best time” for new players to start playing the game because the new leveling process is “really cool.”