Selen Tatsuki hits Pred in Apex Legends for first time since joining Nijisanji

Kurt Perry
Selen Tatsuki wearing military outfit during reveal stream.

Vtuber Selen Tatsuki has managed to reach Predator rank in Apex Legends for the first time since joining Nijisanji, becoming the agency’s first talent to do so.

The Vtuber world is no stranger to talented Apex Legends players. The likes of Shibuya Hal, Kamito, and Hololive’s Minato Aqua have built up a reputation thanks to their skills and Selen Tatsuki is no different.

The Nijisanji Vtuber reached Predator back when it was exclusive to the Top 500 players for each platform before developer Respawn changed this in Season 8.

However, after joining the Vtuber agency, Selen transitioned to variety streaming and dedicated less time to Apex. This led to a decline in skill and the eventual frustrations at VSaikyo 5. Following this she got serious about ranking up and has now reaped the rewards of that effort.

Selen Tatsuki regains Predator rank in Apex Legends

As announced on her official Twitter, Nijisanji’s Selen Tatsuki has reached Predator for the first time since joining the Vtuber agency. This climb took three days of dedicated grinding alongside a variety of Apex streamers including iPN and XSET Nocturnal.

The announcing Tweet reads: “It’s finally over. 37,000 RP in three days to see Pred again. Thank you for coming to watch this journey, I finally got to touch Pred as a Nijisanji liver.”

Continuing on, Selen slightly downplayed the achievement: “I don’t want to say that I’m the first one to hit it on stream as a Nijisanji liver as I believe touching Pred and ending Pred are two different things and early grinding affects it so much. I’m just happy to be able to see it once in my career here.”

Selen becoming Nijisanji’s first talent to hit Predator in Apex is a big accomplishment. The popular Vtuber agency is enormous employing close to 200 talents across both Nijisanji and Nijisanji EN.

On May 6, Nijisanji hosted NijiCustoms, an in-house tournament where 60 talents went head to head to see who was best. Selen’s team consisting of herself, Bonnivier Pranaja, and Aza managed to win two of the six games during the event.