Sapnap moves to Kick from Twitch despite having 3 million followers

Dylan Horetski
Sapnap moves to kick

Minecraft content creator Sapnap has revealed he’s moving to Kick from Twitch despite having three million followers on the latter.

Over the last few years, internet star Sapnap has skyrocketed in popularity. Largely thanks to his YouTube videos of him playing Minecraft, he’s amassed over 4.5 million subs on his channel.

He also has a Twitch channel with over three million followers, although he has barely live streamed over the last few months.

On August 8, Sapnap revealed through a video on Twitter that he’s making the move from Twitch to Kick.

Sapnap moves to Kick from Twitch

In the video post on Twitter, you can see Sapnap in his streaming room picking up a Twitch LED sign that continues to fall several times while watching Cocomelon.

“Time to kick ass,” the tweet reads.

Halfway through the video, Sapnap gets a new LED sign — this time with the Kick logo and its iconic green LED colorway.

The tweet has been viewed nearly two million times, with hundreds of Sapnaps fans replying to share their love for the creator’s decision.

Trainwreck was one of the first to reply. He said: “Welcome my brother”

Another person commented: “this actually goes so hard.”

“Welcome to the best platform!” a third viewer replied.

It’s unknown when his first stream on the rising platform will be, but the internet star has already amassed 2.5k followers, plus a verified checkmark and sub option.

This announcement comes just weeks after Twitch stars xQc and Amouranth announced their non-exclusive moves to the platform.

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