Over 16k Twitch partners have matching Kick accounts, but there’s a catch

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CommanderRoot, who’s known for making a variety of Twitch tools to help creators, found that over 16,000 Twitch partners have an account on Kick, but there’s a catch.

Trainwreck’s new streaming platform Kick has exploded in popularity over the last few months, largely due to its creator-focused leadership and 95/5 sub-revenue split.

Former Twitch star Adin Ross was among the first to move over to the new site, with Chess Grand Master Hikaru being the latest large creator to join.

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According to CommanderRoot, over 16,000 of the over 71,000 Twitch partners have an account on Kick that matches their name, but things may not be exactly as they appear.

Over 16k Twitch partners are on Kick… sort of

On April 11, 2023, CommanderRoot posted a graph showing the number of accounts on Kick, mentioning that he also cross-checked Twitch partner accounts with current Kick accounts.

In the tweet, he revealed that of the 71,279 currently partnered streamers on Twitch, 16,109 of them have an account on Trainwreck’s new platform.

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However, there’s a bit of a catch to it as some of them may not have been created by the actual streamer.

“My guess however would be that at least some of them are not the same owner,” CommanderRoot added.

In a reply to another user, Commander mentioned that Kick has already suffered from follower bot raids, so it’s possible that part of the accounts he discovered are in fact bot accounts.

For example, Twitch star NICKMERCS shares a name with an account on Kick — but he hasn’t shared any plans to stream on the budding platform, leading fans to believe he has no interest in it.

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