Sage Northcutt is Willing to Fight Logan Paul, "I think it could be a great matchup" - Dexerto

Sage Northcutt is Willing to Fight Logan Paul, “I think it could be a great matchup”

Published: 14/Sep/2018 22:02 Updated: 14/Sep/2018 22:20

by Virginia Glaze


Professional mixed martial artist Sage Northcutt has expressed an interest in getting into the octagon with popular YouTuber Logan Paul.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Northcutt said that their potential match “could be massive,” after Uijah Faber stated that he’d like to see Paul fight a legitimate UFC fighter such as Northcutt.


The MMA fighter seems enthusiastic to turn the potential match-up into reality, stating that both Paul’s fans and his own audience would enjoy the spectacle.

He didn’t underestimate Paul’s strength, however, citing the YouTuber’s high school wrestling career and boxing form during his fight with KSI.


“I never underestimate a guy who believes in himself,” Northcutt admitted. “I would like to see myself fight him.”

Northcutt’s fans apparently want to see him go up against a wrestler, to boot. With Paul’s experience in the sport, their match could prove to be an interesting one – but Northcutt mentioned that he’d fight using any style Paul wanted.


“I’d be willing to have a boxing match with him, or an MMA match, whatever he’d like,” Northcutt conceded. “He said he would like to fight in the UFC, so I think I’m not too big for him. I think it could be a great matchup.”

Paul expressed an interest in joining the UFC prior to his boxing match with fellow YouTuber KSI. In another interview with TMZ, Paul stated that he wanted to fight a UFC fighter after his upcoming rematch, citing CM Punk as his desired opponent, specifically.


Paul has not yet responded to a possible fight with Northcutt, but his determination to join the sport leaves further developments up to speculation.