Mizkif inks streaming deal with Rumble as platform continues rapid growth

mizkif-youtubeYouTube: Mizkif

Miskif has signed a streaming deal with Rumble, now dividing his live broadcasting hours between Twitch and the rival streaming platform, as Rumble continues to expand its roster of creators. 

Amid the streaming wars which have been brewing between Twitch and YouTube, newer sites like Kick have emerged. And another seems to be gaining strength over the horizon, as Rumble has announced yet another big signing. 

Rumble has been slowly growing behind the scenes, with Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed’s newest show being hosted on the site, and creators such as JiDion and Akademiks recently signing on as well.

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And now, the platform’s latest signing, founder and co-owner of OTK, Mizkif, is tagging along for the ride, this time to bolster their gaming creator lineup. 

The signing was first announced by Mizkif during a regular live stream on May 28. He announced that for twice a week he will be streaming on Rumble. 

“Basically, I will be, twice a week, or for a few hours, and that’s it, I will be streaming on Rumble” he announced to his Twitch chat. He further reassured his audience that the signing is not a full pivot to Rumble. 

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“It won’t take away from Twitch at all, it basically is going to add time on Twitch,” Mizkif said of his new schedule, planning to add another day of streaming on Twitch to his usual three in addition to the hours on Rumble. 

He further explained that he is treating his time on Rumble as he would his alternative streaming channel. “Basically my alt-stream, syn4ack, is now going to be on Rumble, that’s it,” he said, announcing syn4ack will now be defunct and replaced by his Rumble streams. 

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And Mizkif confirmed that the signing to Rumble is in an attempt to bolster the gaming section of their site, in addition to giving him a lot of freedom to play whatever games he wants. 

“They’re trying to make the website more gaming oriented, so I was like, ‘yeah I’m down, what do you want me to do?’ And they were like ‘Miz we literally want you to just play games.’” he said. 

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As of writing, Mizkif is already in the middle of his debut stream on Rumble. If you would like to learn more about Rumble, you can check out our piece on Kai Cenat’s and IShowSpeed show explaining the background of the site here

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