Rumble CEO would “love” to sign Joe Rogan when Spotify JRE contract expires

Joe Rogan next to rumble logoJRE/Rumble

Joe Rogan’s podcast could have a new home on Rumble once his Spotify contract is up – and the clock is ticking.

Spotify broke the bank when they signed Joe Rogan to a lucrative exclusive contract reportedly worth at least $200 million.

While rumors have suggested that Joe Rogan will become a free agent in 2024 once the deal is done, it may not take long for the JRE to find a new platform.

In 2022, Rogan was in the midst of some controversy on Spotify, with the podcast host under fire for some of his guests spreading “misinformation” and allegedly making racist remarks.

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After over 70 episodes were pulled from Spotify and demands for the platform to drop Rogan intensified, Rumble’s Chris Pavlovski offered Joe $100M to switch to Rumble.

rumble contentRumble
Rumble is interested in adding Joe Rogan to its growing catalog of content.

Although Rogan shut down the offer and praised Spotify CEO Daniel Ek for supporting him amid the drama, which eventually blew over, Rumble isn’t giving up on signing JRE.

In an exclusive interview with Dexerto, Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski discussed the possibility of signing the Joe Rogan Experience and is ready to sit down to work with the UFC commentator.

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Rumble CEO says contract is “on the table” for Joe Rogan Experience

“That $100M offer is still on the table,” Pavlovski told Dexerto. “He’s with Spotify exclusively, but we very much look forward to working with Joe Rogan in the future if he wishes. We would be interested in putting forth an offer when that time comes.”

Pavlovski further noted that, while nothing is currently in the works, he reiterated that Rumble would pursue trying to convince the UFC commentator to join the platform.

“If he ever wants to come to Rumble, we’re open to negotiating with him and putting forth an offer. I’m a big fan of Joe Rogan and I would love to have him on Rumble.”

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Joe Rogan in his podcast studioYouTube: PowerfulJRE
Joe Rogan’s deal with Spotify could be up in 2024.

The details surrounding Rogan’s Spotify contract are a bit unclear at the moment. While his deal was reportedly scheduled to expire later this year, Spotify denied the claim and insisted that it wouldn’t end in 2023.

The deal, said to be for three-and-a-half years included the “possibility of more,” so we’ll have to see what Rogan ultimately decides to do.

In any case, it’s clear that Rumble isn’t finished with trying to recruit Joe. Readers will find out in more of our interview with Pavlovski that the platform has a lot of big things planned for the future. Stay tuned.

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