Rudeism reveals most exciting way to play Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Brad Norton
Twitch - Rudeism / Respawn Entertainment - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Popular Twitch streamer Rudeism has devised perhaps the most enjoyable way to play the brand new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order title from Respawn Entertainment.

Released on November 15,  Fallen Order marks the first major Star Wars video game since DICE’s Battlefront II in 2017. With a focus on narrative and singleplayer exploration, creative Twitch streamer Dylan ‘Rudeism’ Beck felt the game was ripe for some ingenuity. 

Known for his unorthodox control schemes, Rudeism has grown his fanbase on Twitch through some hilariously unique creations. From his immersive Goose to utilizing a fake leg for Apex Legends, there’s no limit to just how far this streamer will go and his latest Star Wars creation might make you envious. 

In a November 18 broadcast, Rudeism took to Twitch and demonstrated his Star Wars tools designed specifically for Fallen Order.

Wielding a customized lightsaber in one hand a special glove in another, the streamer made both pieces of equipment fully function in-game. With various buttons around the grip of the lightsaber to enable movement, the rest of the input came directly from the motion of the weapon itself.

Testing it out in combat, Rudeism slashed away at various enemies and pushed his hand forward at certain intervals to activate his force powers. 

The streamer even went as far as to mimic Luke Skywalker’s training from A New Hope, tying a layer of clothing over his eyes before picking his lightsaber back up.

As a malicious droid shoots at his character in-game, Rudeism sensed the projectiles through the force and miraculously deflected them through his own lightsaber movement. 

Just how far players could get while blindfolded would certainly be a fascinating challenge for Star Wars enthusiasts enamored with the latest release. 

While there’s no officially licensed controller of the sort just yet, there’s no denying that wielding a proper lightsaber looks to be one of the more enjoyable ways to experience the latest Star Wars game.

There’s no telling what ingenious peripherals Rudeism might come up with next but rest assured whether it’s a singleplayer game or a competitive shooter, the streamer will find a way to innovate