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Streamer plays Overwatch with an actual tea pot and teabag

Published: 24/Jan/2019 11:02 Updated: 24/Jan/2019 11:40

by Joe O'Brien


Twitch streamer Rudeism’s latest Overwatch custom controller might be his most ridiculous yet.

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Rudeism is known for designing and building creative custom controllers for a variety of games. Several of his creations have been designed for specific Overwatch heroes, including a baguette/pizza combo for Brigitte, a boxing glove for Doomfist, and a glove with an airzooka for Lúcio.

His latest custom controller is for Ana, but rather than attempt to mimic the in-game movements of the hero as he does with many of his controllers, this time Rudeism has taken more of a thematic approach.


Rudeism, seen here with his baguette controller for Widowmaker, is known for his bizarre custom controllers.
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It’s Ana’s love of tea that inspired her own controller. Rudeism’s set-up involves both a pot and tea cup which are used to control the hero. By “taking a sip” from the cup, Rudeism can fire Ana’s biotic rifle. Pouring a new cup from the tea pot is how the rifle is reloaded.

Ana’s other abilities, biotic grenade and sleep dart, can be selected through use of a button on the tea pot, while movement is controlled through thumbsticks attached to the pot and the cup like a standard console controller – just about the only thing remotely “standard” about Rudeism’s latest set-up.


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Of course, the final touch to the set-up is the teabag which sits inside the teapot. By pulling on the teabag’s string, Rudeism can crouch to perform the classic taunt.