Rifle-wielding streamer reveals details after drive-by shooting interrupts broadcast

Michael Gwilliam
50calapr confronts shooters on twitch

A Twitch streamer who grabbed a rifle after a drive-by shooting at his apartment has revealed details behind the disturbing event.

Last week, Escape From Tarkov streamer 50calapr’s broadcast was interrupted when a gang began shooting at his apartment building.

Not wasting any time, the Twitch streamer grabbed his own gun behind his setup and rushed out of his room to confront the attackers.

Speaking with Dexerto, 50calapr explained the situation he was in and what happened during the scary encounter in his crime-ridden Lexington neighborhood.

Twitch streamer spills details after gang shoots at apartment

According to the Tarkov streamer, he lives in a very rough part of Lexington where there have been homicides and other violent incidents.

Things have gotten so bad that the police have begun to urge people to stay inside at night. However, that didn’t stop 50calapr from defending himself against what he later found out was a gang-related shooting.

“In the clip you see me run out with my rifle, but by the time I got to the door in the hallway of the apartments they were already gone, so I put the rifle away and went out to make sure that no one needed first aid,” he explained.

The streamer says that he’s close with the people who live in the apartments and after he checked on the target of the drive-by to see if they were okay, he moved on to check on a lady above him who he says is “like a mom” to him.

“She was my number one concern, to be honest,” he added. “The police here in Lexington responded in a very fast and efficient time and were extremely nice to everyone.”

So, if the area is so violent, why not move? Well, as a full-time med student, 50calapr says money is tight to the point where sometimes even getting food can be a struggle.

50calapr's apartment after drive-by shooting
50calapr’s apartment was shot at in gang-related drive-by.

That said, while he has had an increase in viewers since the scary shooting, he just plans to put any extra money he receives back into his content through upgrades or new games.

Although some may look at the streamer’s heroic actions as something very American, 50calapr believes gun owners have a responsibility to themselves and others that some take for granted.

“Learn the laws in your state take classes and be responsible,” he encouraged.

“I see on the news all the time now someone shot someone because they pulled into their driveway or knocked on the wrong door. It’s wrong and gives the responsible gun owners a bad name and makes it harder for us to not justify more gun control.”

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