RiceGum moves to Rumble despite offer from Kick

Virginia Glaze

RiceGum has officially moved to Rumble after teasing a major platform switch on July 4, saying the platform was in competition with Kick to sign him.

Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le might be known for his content on YouTube, but he’s also started streaming on Twitch, where he currently boasts over one million followers.

However, he claimed that he’d be making a major platform switch on July 4, showing an image of himself looking at several hats, all emblazoned with the logos of different streaming sites.

Fans hypothesized that he’d be making the move to Kick – but much to their dismay, RiceGum has chosen a different platform.

RiceGum teased his Rumble move in a mysterious post on July 4.

RiceGum officially moves to Rumble

On July 5, RiceGum revealed that he has signed an official contract with Rumble, saying he’s “locked in” to create content for a set amount of hours per month.

That’s not all; he also revealed why he took the deal over Kick, saying that Rumble offered him more money. He also claimed that Kick would have required him to gamble in order to make the most money possible.

“The Rumble deal just looked better,” he admitted. “I could stream [there], but in order to make the most possible on Kick, they wanted me to gamble for 30 days.”

“I’m just excited to really lock back in,” he added. “This is exciting for me, in my opinion. Rumble had the bag, bro. I didn’t realize Rumble had the bag like that.”

This is just the latest massive creator to move to Rumble after Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed moved to the platform after scoring their very own show on the site earlier this year.