Rhett & Link actually ate one of CouRage’s viral ‘food crimes’

rhett and link good mythical morningYouTube: Good Mythical Morning

Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop consistently posts off-the-wall food combinations on Twitter, and now Rhett & Link just ate one of them on Good Mythical Morning.

Over the last few months, 100 Thieves co-owner CouRage has posted a wide variety of food on his Twitter page — with many grossing out even his most loyal of fans.

Triggering comments like “I’m horrified” and “this is worse than pineapple on pizza,” his peanut butter, pickle, and sriracha toast from October 2022 is among the most viral.

On a recent episode of Good Mythical Morning, YouTube stars Rhett and Link ate a piece of his “food crime,” and their reaction was surprising.

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As one of the first two dishes reviewed on the episode, both Rhett and Link introduced them.

“We’re calling this first round ‘Lunch at dads.’ We have sriracha, peanut butter, and pickles on toast from a friend of ours,” Link said.

Rhett continued: “This one over here is not one that was found [on Reddit]. This was boldly tweeted by our friend CouRage.”

They went on to taste the “food crime,” only to find out that they enjoy the flavor and Jack’s “good taste” remains intact.

(Topic starts at 3:33 in the video)

After finding out the YouTubers tasted his creation in a video, CouRage posted on Twitter that it is the “peak” of his life.

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Jack’s opinion of the iconic YouTubers must be pretty high, considering he co-owns one of the most successful esports orgs currently.