Reality TV show under fire for “latex suffocation” themed escape room

Virginia Glaze

Reality TV series ‘Spook Show 17’ is facing backlash from viewers on TikTok over their controversial “latex suffocation” themed escape room, with some viewers calling it “actual torture.

Escape rooms are all the rage for thrill-seekers… but what if these experiences go too far?

That’s what netizens are saying about 2022 reality TV series ‘Spook Show 17’ after showrunners introduced a new kind of escape room that has some viewers calling the ordeal “actual torture.”

For those out of the loop, escape rooms are like an interactive puzzle that ‘traps’ people in a room, which they must escape within a set period of time using clues and their own wits. These rooms can have a number of themes, from haunted houses to war bunkers and more.

Spook Show 17’s self-described “latex suffocation room” is sparking some criticism on social media.

TV show faces criticism over latex suffocation room: “Sounds like actual torture”

Spook Show 17 follows a crew of people aiming to make the wildest haunted house anyone’s ever seen, which features some escape room like-elements that require players to undergo various challenges.

One of the rooms in the haunted house is called the “latex suffocation room.” This part of the attraction lines players up against walls perforated with a series of small holes and covers them with latex sheets. A vacuum behind the walls sucks in all the air the small holes, essentially suctioning the latex to the players.

This certainly sounds like a dangerous endeavor, but showrunners at Spook Show 17 claim that it’s a totally “safe professional attraction.” That isn’t stopping commenters from giving the show some side-eye over its safety policies, though.

“How is this safe in any way?” one commenter wrote on TikTok.

“Are you trying to get sued?” another asked.

“This sounds like actual torture,” yet another said.

Still, others pointed out that some players might have a latex allergy, which — on top of the risk of possible suffocation — could land the production in hot water.

For now, it looks like Spook Show 17 is still maintaining a strong presence on social media for its over-the-top antics. We’ll have to see if it holds up to the upcoming Last of Us attraction heading to Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights, though.

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