Raw MrBeast chicken burger goes viral and fans are disgusted

Shay Robson

YouTube sensation Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is under fire after a fan received a raw chicken burger in their order from his restaurant chain MrBeast Burger.

In 2020, MrBeast who has amassed over 75M YouTube subscribers launched his own restaurant chain MrBeast Burger. Since the launch, the YouTube star’s burgers are available for delivery at over 1000 locations across the US, UK, and Canada.

However, instead of actual in-person restaurants, MrBeast opted to run entirely out of already established kitchens.

Known as “virtual kitchens,” existing restaurants serve their own menu, while also taking on additional orders for Beast Burger to make more money. Almost any existing kitchen is able to start serving MrBeast’s menu — but one customer appears to have pulled the short straw.

MrBeast at Burger Restaurant
Alongside being a top-tier YouTuber, MrBeast started his very own burger chain, as well as kickstarting his own charity completely funded by viewers.

On November 16, Beast Burger customer ‘Kingsavage07’ posted their order in the popular food subreddit r/sh**yfoodporn.

The customer ordered a Crispy Chicken Tender Sandwich. However, it didn’t meet their standards and expectations as the chicken in the sandwich arrived raw.

Kingsavage’s post has done the rounds on Reddit, with over 40,000 upvotes and 3000 comments, disgusted by the food.

The comments on the Reddit post were flooded with jokes about how raw the chicken was. “If you feed it, you might get some fresh eggs in a day or two,” said one commenter.

Another poked fun, but followed up with concerns was about how dangerous it was to be served this: “It needs another couple of hours on the radiator. For real though, that’s incredibly dangerous. It could kill someone.”

Some were skeptical and weren’t convinced that the post was real. However, the OP provided proof that it was real by posting the receipt of their order. The customer also got a refund for the raw burger after reaching out to the Beast Burger support team.

MrBeast and Karl Jacobs eating burgers
His burger chain has become a hit.

This isn’t the first time YouTube star’s food has been under fire. In May 2021, MrBeast Burger trended on Twitter as fans roasted the slew of raw and uncooked orders that they were receiving.

Previously MrBeast has responded to concerns and has made it clear that he’ll gladly refund and do whatever he has to do to make it right.

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