MrBeast Burger trends as Twitter roasts raw & uncooked food

MrBeast at Mr Beast Burger with burnt burgerYouTube: Mr Beast

Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson’s MrBeast Burger came under fire on Twitter and started trending once again as users took shots at some nasty-looking photos of food not long after Minecraft YouTuber ‘GeorgeNotFound’ dropped a second review video. 

At the end of December 2020, YouTuber sensation Mr Beast kicked off his biggest venture to date by starting up MrBeast Burger, and in typical Mr Beast fashion, he gave away some money with the food.

Since then, the brand has received some rave reviews and even expanded outside of the United States, with stores in the UK now distributing the fast-food phenomenon.

However, there have been plenty of less than pleased stories too. Once again, on May 15, Twitter users had MrBeast Burger trending as they decided to take some shots at the YouTuber’s food after Minecraft YouTuber ‘GeorgeNotFound’ dropped a review of the food.

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MrBeast at Burger RestaurantInstagram: MrBeast
MrBeast launched his own burger chain late in 2020.

The fast-food venture trended on Twitter not long after George dropped another review on May 15. A quick dive into the trend showed that MrBeast Burger was being roasted from all angles, but especially from Minecraft fans.

Some of the viral tweets took aim at the under-prepared food – showing images of raw chicken and no toasted bread on sandwiches. Others had burgers that were burnt to a crisp.

“I can’t stop laughing at the Mr Beast Burger food, it’s so funny but also makes me want to vomit,” posted one user. “I love Mr Beast and Dream n all, but seriously do not get a Mr Beast Burger. They’re like f**king raw and sometimes have BUGS in them,” claimed another.

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Others went directly after the MrBeast Burger accounts, making claims about their local MrBeast Burger locations being shut down.

“Mr Beast your restaurant near me shut down because of health code violations,” said one tweet. “The two (2) images at my local location look… questionable to say the least,” added another.

While the trend has died down a little, users have continued to dunk on the Mr Beast food in the replies to some of his most recent tweets, as well as other accounts associated with him.

Obviously, the YouTuber isn’t the one preparing every single, and that responsibly lays with the restaurants, but they bare his name and ultimately he becomes the target.

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