Man threatens to sue Twitch streamer for “filming” him on subway

Man confronts MissyPla about filming on subwayTwitch/Missypla

An IRL Twitch streamer was threatened by a man on a subway after he got in her face about filming him without permission.

Twitch streamer MissyPla was riding the subway in Bangkok and talking with her chat when suddenly, a fellow passenger started rambling about global health concerns.

MissyPla’s chat was put off by the man, who seemed to be from America or an English-speaking country, ranting and raving loudly.

Despite ignoring him, she did put the camera on the man for a bit so her viewers could see what she was dealing with, but this seemed to get the attention of the stranger who walked over to her.

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Stranger confronts streamer for filming on Bangkok subway

“Are you guys really that stupid? Are you recording me right now?” he hissed, walking into the camera.

The streamer was taken aback and tried to defend herself, explaining how she was just showing her face.

“That’s fine, but if I see it online, I will take you to court and sue your ass,” he warned before continuing his barrage. “Are you recording right now?!”

Twitch streamer fights on subwayTwitch/Missypla
The man threatened to sue the streamer for filming him.

“You came to join me!” Missy retorted as the stranger kept repeating the same question and the man demanding she stop filming him.

Luckily, the issue didn’t escalate and it seemed like the man got off the subway or moved to a different area. A bit later on, the streamer addressed the drama after some concerns from her chat.

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“This is not America, this is Thailand. He’s misunderstanding something,” she explained. “I can’t believe he just walked to me and talked to me like that.”

It’s unclear if the man even had an idea what broadcast he was on or the streamer’s name, so it’s unlikely that he can even sue to begin with and judging by Missy’s reaction, she was hardly concerned about his threats.

Still, it goes to show that IRL streaming can be a dangerous game, as strangers out in the wild may act erratically.