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PewDiePie claps back at teacher’s scathing comments about his channel

Published: 21/Dec/2018 1:46 Updated: 21/Dec/2018 1:50

by Virginia Glaze


Twitter user ‘Rissan’ uploaded a video to Twitter on December 15, which featured audio of their history teacher claiming that supporting YouTuber ‘PewDiePie’s’ channel incites “anti-Semitism” and “genocide.”

The educator popped off in a 40-second segment recorded by Rissan, where he argued that students could face legal repercussions for engaging with the YouTuber’s Tweets, should the YouTuber be “sued” for his promotion of an anti-Semitic channel in one of his previous videos.

“If something were to happen and PewDiePie were to be sued for this, you could be complicit,” the teacher stated. “If you retweet it, they could make you pay a fine, as well, because you have published anti-Semitic things.”


PewDiePie addressed the video during a ‘Pew News’ segment on December 20, giving a scathing clapback to the teacher’s comments.

“Be very aware that this is complete dogshit,” Pewds said of the video. “It blows my mind that a teacher, speaking as a voice of authority over kids in this very strict tone, [is saying] things that are completely not true. This really shows you the effects of these articles.”

Rissian themselves had a fairly critical take on their teacher’s statement, calling his tirade “ignorant” and “ironic.” However, the student went on to clarify that they didn’t wish to see the educator fired, claiming that he is a “very talented and interesting teacher when he is teaching and not trying to force his opinion on people.”


The identity of the teacher and school in which the video was taken have yet to be identified.