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QuarterJade emotional after receiving wholesome Twitch-themed gift

Published: 3/Jan/2020 12:34

by Kamil Malinowski


Popular Twitch streamer ‘QuarterJade’ was at a loss for words after receiving an incredibly touching Christmas gift from a fellow broadcaster. 

QuarterJade is a variety and IRL [in-real-Life] Twitch streamer that’s well known for her entertaining content.

Like many others, she was celebrating the holidays on Twitch with her viewers and during one stream received a wholesome gift from fellow streamer Masayoshi. She was so touched by the Christmas present she barely knew how to react.

Twitter: @QuarterjadeQuarterJade is a popular Twitch streamer, largely known for her IRL content.

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The two were sitting and chatting to viewers when he handed her the gift to unwrap. QuarterJade had no idea what it could be, but it’s unlikely she could have expected something like this.


When she finally unwrapped it she found a poster of her most used Twitch emote, a cartoon version of her hugging a heart and gasped in amazement. Jade was already stunned by how incredible it looked and simply uttered a “what???” while inspecting it further.

Meanwhile, Masayoshi explained the gift, showing just how heart-warmingly thoughtful it was. “I looked up you’re most used emote on your channel and I grabbed all of your subs from December and descending – this is [made up of] like 8000 subs.”

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QuarterJade was at a loss for words, she just stared at him with a massive smile on her face, while also admiring the poster. “You’re really good at faking reactions” he said, noticing tears starting to well in her eyes, to which Jade replied “I’m not faking”, with a shaky voice, as if she was about to cry tears of joy.


The two then sat there in silence for a brief moment with QuarterJade still taking what may have been one of the best and most thoughtful gifts of 2019.