Streamer EBZ explodes at viewers after nearly ‘wrecking’ his car


IRL streamer Ebenezer ‘EBZ’ Lembe hit out at his own chat after claiming that they distracted him as he nearly rear-ended a car that he was following.

As an IRL [in-real life] streamer, EBZ showcases many facets of his life – be it at home, walking round, or quite often driving around. It’s his driving exploits that have landed the streamer in trouble on more than one occasion.

Back in October, he was criticized for seemingly passing out behind the wheel. The streamer, who gained popularity as a part of Ice Poseidon‘s infamous CX crew, even lost his mind with a parking attendant who was just trying to do her job. However, in recent weeks, he’s gotten into more serious trouble – receiving a $700 ticket from the police for speeding.

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YouTube: EBZThe IRL streamer has had his fair share of controversies during his broadcasts.

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Despite that, the streamer has already gotten back on the road, continuing on with his streams from behind the wheel of his car. During his January 2 broadcast, EBZ had been back on the road when he found himself in some slow-moving traffic.

As he chatted with fans, the streamer left a gap between himself and a car in front of his camera. As the cars moved and EBZ went to fill the gap, he came within meters of hitting the car in front of him before blaming his chat for him almost getting into a crash.

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“You motherf*ckers are distracting me. Sh*t, you made me almost have a rear-end accident,” the streamer said, taking aim at his viewers. “I can’t talk to y’all no more. I was about to get into a wreck and if I had gotten into a wreck because I was answering you, guess what you would have said? ‘What an idiot.’”

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He wasn’t finished there, though, as he stated that there would have to be some changes. EBZ continued: “From now on, you’ve got to talk to me. There’s too many of y’all to share the blame, f*ck out of here.”

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Whether or not the streamer carries on with his car-based streams remains to be seen but it might be something he considers getting rid of, especially considering the dangers.

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