xQc mocks “insecure” Andrew Tate for his “anti-chad” takes

Andrew Tate and xQc

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has slammed Andrew Tate for his “insecure” and “anti-chad” takes in his widely popular YouTube videos.

Former British-American kickboxing star Andrew Tate has been dominating the internet recently. After going on a spree of podcasts, clips of the three-time ISKA World Champion have gone absolutely viral, as he talks about his life experiences.

However, many aren’t a fan of his controversial “alpha male” ideologies and pretentious lifestyle. Even Twitch streaming star xQc felt the need to speak out, as he slammed Andrew in a recent live stream.

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xQc hits out at Andrew Tate

During xQc’s July 6 broadcast, the popular streamer began watching YouTuber Philion’s video breaking down why Andrew Tate is the most “pathetic” alpha male. While watching the video, xQc was left puzzled, as the former kickboxer claimed his girls aren’t “allowed out” without him.

“I don’t know what b*tch ass dude is letting his chicks going to the club with her friends without him,” said Andrew, prompting xQc to hit out at him. “You know what chat, I’m gonna tell you, I’m going to break the code here chat. I’ll tell you exactly. Someone who isn’t an insecure, weak soy boy. That’s the f**k who. That’s exactly who,” said xQc.

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“I wish people would comprehend that these days, this is an extreme anti-gigachad take,” he added. “This is a massive anti-gigachad. I don’t know what’s wrong with people these days that they think insecurity is chad.

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“Guys, I don’t have to look at my partner’s phone, at what they’re doing, where they’ve gone, who they’re going to places with, I don’t have to look.”

After speaking out, xQc received a wave of support from his fans in chat as the popular streamer continued to explain that he has no insecurities. “I’m secure, I know what I have, I know what I’m worth and I know it’s not going to slip away. I’m the best fit, and number one.”

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Ending it off, the juicer shared a few more words to his followers, as he made the point that having self-doubt is the downfall of a relationship.

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