Pregnant Rihanna lookalike goes viral for causing chaos in Brazil

Dave Deiley
Rihanna look alike getting belly kissed by fanInstagram: badgalriri / Priscilla Beatrice TikTok

Throngs of people crowded around a pregnant woman in Brazil, expecting it to be Rihanna, only for viral social media posts to reveal it was actually local TikToker Priscilla Beatrice, best known for her work as a Rihanna lookalike.

Meeting The Right Excellent Rihanna is a once-in-a-lifetime event for fans across the world. The iconic superstar has made headlines time and again with nothing but the tiniest of interactions, and for hundreds of fans in Brazil dreams had been believed to come true.

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TikTok lookalike Priscilla Beatrice has been making solid use of her similarities to the National Hero of Barbados for a couple of years now. Earning herself 2.4 million followers on TikTok and 244k on Instagram in the process.

Making national news in Brazil, Priscilla has taken the entertainment world for a hilarious ride, taking photos with fans, offering hugs, and even letting some dedicated few kiss her pregnant belly.

Public opinion from those not taken in by the more than passing similarities between Priscilla and Rihanna are divided.

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More than a few people have been publicly calling out the spectacle. Repeatedly saying it’s “weird af”. Not just for the lookalike herself, but for the commitment to rolling with a security posse.: “The people pretending to be security guards are weirder.”

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Offering depths to this that perhaps weren’t considered at first, there are also people defending the lookalike and the actions of the group, with the logical premise “I don’t think they’re pretending. They’re actually working to protect the fake Rihanna.”

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This isn’t the first time Priscilla has come into the spotlight for her commonalities with the nine-time Grammy award winner. Back in 2020 BadGalRiRi herself found Beatrice’s TikTok, taking the time to have a playful jab at the doppelganger: “Where the album sis #R9.”

It’s unknown whether Rihanna is aware of this instance of the lookalike making waves in Brazil in such a public manner. But, never one to shy away from public chaos, there’s every possibility that RiRi is loving the anarchy.

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All we can safely assume about the proceedings at this point is that if Priscilla is trending off of the Fenty name, and making a decent living off of it, then Rihanna’s probably got a handle of it in some way. In the words of the singer herself, Beatrice better have her money.

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