Pokimane’s attempt to go “undercover” at TwitchCon fails immediately

Virginia Glaze
Pokimanes plan to go undercover at twitchcon fails immediately

Pokimane tried to go undercover at TwitchCon to peruse the artists’ alley in anonymity — but she was discovered right away, foiling her plan in the most wholesome way possible.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of the most-followed streamers on Twitch, on top of being the platform’s most-followed woman and one of the most-searched Twitch streamers in the United States.

As such, her presence at major events like TwitchCon doesn’t go unnoticed. At TwitchCon 2022, the line for her meet-and-greet was full to bursting with tons of excited fans who paid to get a pic and a hug with Poki.

However, she wanted to go undercover to truly enjoy some of the other aspects of the convention without getting stopped for pictures all the time — so she hatched a plan.

pokimane tries to go undercover at twitchcon
Pokimane is Twitch’s most-followed female streamer.

Pokimane instantly gets recognized during “undercover” TwitchCon plan

During her vlog recording this year’s TwitchCon, Poki donned a ‘disguise’ of sunglasses, a tan pea coat, a face mask, and put her hair up in a clip, hoping that the slapdash costume would prevent her from getting recognized while she browsed the artists’ alley for artwork.

“I wanna go to the artists’ alley and I wanna like, really check out the floor, but I’m gonna go in disguise,” she explained. “Who am I with my hair up? All of the sudden, not Pokimane. Surely, no one will know.”

Although Poki was able to get to the artists’ alley without any problems, she was recognized by a fan asking for a photo as soon as she started making her way down the aisles.

After giving a disheartened “yeah,” the fan immediately apologized, prompting a laugh from the world-famous streamer.

(Topic begins at 10:50)

Despite her failed attempt at trying to enjoy TwitchCon as a regular attendee, Pokimane made sure to thank her fans for all their support at the convention and was grateful to connect with her viewers in person after years of social distancing and a lengthy social media hiatus.

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