Disguised Toast jokes about OfflineTV Twitch exodus: “Maybe I’ll just move to YouTube”

DisguisedToast spills tea on twitchTwitch/DisguisedToast

Popular Twitch Streamer Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang has jokingly mentioned moving to YouTube during a discussion about his upcoming Twitch negotiations — a platform change which many other OfflineTV members and friends have made.

Though he’s taken breaks from the platform — and left it for Facebook once upon a timeDisguised Toast is a staple variety streamer for Twitch, having streamed there for years. Having been back for almost a year now, the star is entering renegotiations with the platform about his partner status.

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While discussing the negotiation though, Disguised Toast did jokingly — perhaps, or there’s a deeper meaning — float a move to YouTube, marking his second shift in as many years.

In the discussion though he did bring up some concerns about Twitch though, and it all revolved around money: “I don’t know if I have a chance of getting a good deal,” he said on stream.

“Here’s the thing about Twitch, they spent a lot of their money on NICKMERCS.

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“They spent $30 million on NICKMERCS who proceeded to say ‘TwitchCon sucks for having a mask mandate so I’m going to make my own con at the same time that doesn’t have a mask mandate. If I’m Twitch, am I going to give that guy another $30 million?

“Twitch let Ludwig go, so I don’t know. I don’t know if I’ll get a big bag from Twitch, maybe I’ll just move to YouTube.”

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He laughed at the thought, considering he’s one of the few OfflineTV (and friends) members remaining on the platform. Lilypichu, Sykkuno, and even way back to Valkyrae — many have shifted over.

“At this rate, I think I’ll be the only guy from OTV and Friends that’s on Twitch,” he said.

It’s unclear if he’ll actually move to YouTube or not. From the short clip, it seems Toast wants to stay at Twitch, but they need to give him a reason to.

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He may be using this as an angle to negotiate with Twitch for more money, but he could honestly be contemplating moving YouTube in the far future, especially if the platform continues to grow.

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