MoonMoon “gutted” over Pokimane leaving OfflineTV in bizarre reaction

Twitch streamers Pokimane and MoonMoon

Twitch streamer MoonMoon has claimed he’s “gutted” to see Pokimane leave popular content group OfflineTV.

On May 19, Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys announced that she will no longer be full-time with OfflineTV.

The Twitch star, who helped in creating the popular content creator group in 2017, revealed she’d be graduating from the collective that she helped found over half a decade ago.

In the announcement, the 27-year-old shared that she’d be leaving OfflineTV to pursue a new project, which she kept tight-lipped. While fans of Pokimane were disappointed about her departure, other Twitch streamers don’t seem to be too affected. MoonMoon weighed in with a sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek rant to share his opinion on the matter.

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MoonMoon explains he’s gutted that Pokimane leave OfflineTV

During his May 19 broadcast, MoonMoon was asked by a viewer in chat for his thoughts on Pokimane leaving OTV, to which he responded sharing how he’s gutted by her decision.

“Honestly I was f**king gutted by the news, I was gutted,” he said. “I woke up today, went to LivestreamFail on my phone, I’m laying in bed bleary-eyed but still hopeful to meet the day, and then low and behold right there at the top of the f**king list, Pokimane has left OfflineTV.”

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MoonMoon continued, joking about how emotional he was by the announcement and claiming he threw his phone and pushed a child over.

“And I f**king threw my phone across the room,” he joked. “Ripped my sheets off of my f**king bed, p*ssed in the corner man. Took out my clothes, and threw my sh*t out the window.

“Dude, and you better believe, you better f**king believe I shoved my kid straight over.”

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MoonMoon was clearly joking and didn’t seem too concerned about the matter. It just goes to show that Twitch is a big platform, and even the biggest shifts can still be contained within their own little niche communities.

According to Pokimane, her schedule became so jam-packed that it left her unable to consistently fulfill her OfflineTV obligations. Although, it seems she left the group on great terms, and there’s still a chance she may return in the future.

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