Pokimane “graduates” from OfflineTV to pursue new mystery project

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Pokimane Graduation

Streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has announced that she will no longer be full-time with OfflineTV.

One of the biggest streamers in the world, Pokimane graduated from an aspiring gaming streamer who was in school to a full-time lifestyle, fashion, and gaming content creator.

Now, she is graduating from the group that she helped found over half a decade ago.

Though she has always been linked to the rag-tag group of content creators, who are also her friends, she announced that she would be moving on from OfflineTV.

OfflineTV praises Pokimane with graduation video

In a full three-act play, members of OfflineTV bid goodbye to Pokimane with a reenactment of her entire life and journey, including her career as a streamer and OTV founder.

Once the skit was done, the rest of the OfflineTV cast and Poki sat down to explain exactly what “graduating” would mean.

“I would love to still be a part of future videos,” Anys said when discussing her role with OTV going forward. “What does graduating look like? I don’t know. I’m the first one to do it.”

When discussing further, though, Pokimane explained that her schedule has become so jam-packed that it left her unable to consistently participate in OTV’s activities. Difficulties balancing OTV obligations, her work, and life ultimately led to her decision.

But she is leaving OfflineTV on good terms, assuring fans that there is “nothing wrong” with the relationship between her, the organization, and the members. She reiterated that she is open to collaborating and being a part of future projects.

One of the biggest teases, though, was that Pokimane also noted that she has an upcoming mystery project that will launch in the next year. Presumably, the commitment that this project entails was a factor in her decision.

So the OTV bade Pokimane farewell, dumping homemade slime on her to officially conclude Poki’s graduation ceremony.

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