Pokimane trolls the internet with fake movie announcement

Brent Koepp

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys threw the internet for a loop when a movie casting announcement turned out to be a sneaky troll.

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With the rise of the popularity of internet influencers, it’s unsurprising that some have made their acting debuts as a result of their resounding success.

Twitch personality Pokimane revealed that she too was entering the acting life and had fans excited to see her on the big screen, before she hilariously revealed that it was all a prank gone too far.

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Pokimane trolled the internet

On September 16, an unofficial Twitter account for Bee Movie 2 posted an announcement declaring that the streaming star would be ‘starring’ in the movie “as the voice of Vanessa Bloome” alongside a picture of the character.

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The Twitch starlet replied to the tweet confirming her role in the film, and said that she was “really excited” to work on the project and that she’d been practicing her voice acting skills in preparation.

“Really excited to be working on this project! I’ve secretly been practicing my voice acting skills with the help of my roommate @LilyPichu,” she said. “(I) was honored when I was approached by the director for this role.”

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Fans and fellow streamers alike all fell for Pokimane’s announcement, and even went so far as to bombard her with messages of congratulations.

Unfortunately, the whole thing turned out to be one big troll when the Twitch star followed up with another tweet an hour later debunking the entire thing.

“way too many people fell for this IT WAS JUST A MEME GUYSSS,” she said. “he account isn’t even verified, was just a random tweet.”

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Although Pokimane won’t be making her acting debut any time soon, she’s still extremely popular and is one of the top female streamers on Twitch with just over 3.2 million followers as of the time of this article.

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