Pokimane spills influencer secrets they “don’t want you to know”

Virginia Glaze
Pokimane online hate

Twitch star Pokimane spilled the tea on influencer secrets, sharing three big inside tips that fans might not know about their favorite content creators.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is the most-followed woman on Twitch, where she boasts over 9 million followers.

She’s one of the site’s most prominent streamers, having garnered a massive fanbase throughout the course of her ten-year career. Thus, it makes sense that she’s privy to some major industry secrets — a few of which she decided to spill in a recent TikTok clip.

On March 6, Anys took to TikTok to share a few deets from her experience as a content creator that she claims some of her peers might not “want you to know.”

Pokimane opens up on “fake relationships” between influencers

First, Pokimane claimed that more creators are in “fake relationships” than their fans might think. She said that this happens more often with YouTubers than creators on other platforms, and clarified that they’re “not crazy common, but they do exist.”

“That’s why sometimes, when you hear, ‘Oh, someone cheated on someone,’ it’s not cheating, they’re just not really together,” she explained.

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Pokimane says that some influencers are in “fake relationships,” although she claims this is more common for YouTubers than for creators on other platforms.

Anys went on to assert that many high-profile creators on sites like OnlyFans don’t actually message all their subscribers. Instead, she says that they often employ people to handle the messaging for them — sometimes even turning to agencies to help.

Her third and final point claimed that influencers will often rent designer clothes for major events or photoshoots, or will sometimes be sent specific clothing from brands to wear for an activation that they must send back when they’re finished.

“A lot of the clothes that you see influencers wear are rented or borrowed if they’re smart,” she said. “But that’s a big trap for people who want to be influencers, like they think that they need a bunch of Louis Vuitton or Gucci and this and that, and so they spend a bunch of money buying that. But honestly, the people who have already made it, they wear that stuff once and hand it back.”

This fashion tip follows Anys’ trip to Fashion Week, where she debuted a new hairstyle that divided her fanbase with strong opinions (although it’s unclear if she rented her designer duds for that particular occasion, or not).