Pokimane exposes industry pro for faking romantic relationship with her

Virginia Glaze
Pokimane claims industry pro faked relationship with her

Twitch star Pokimane claimed that a professional in the streaming industry faked a romantic relationship with her in order to “target and manipulate” women in her community.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is the most-followed woman on Twitch, on top of being the site’s 10th most-followed broadcaster, overall.

Throughout her career as an online entertainer, Pokimane has been relatively transparent with her fanbase regarding issues she faces in her personal and public life, such as when a stalker discovered her home address.

In a livestream on March 1, 2023, Anys opened up to fans about a “well-networked” professional in the streaming industry who had allegedly faked a romantic relationship with her in order to get close to women in her community.

Pokimane says industry pro faked romantic relationship with her

“Someone that I and many streamers have been working with for years, someone who was also employed at a large company in the industry, has targeted and manipulated girls, specifically in my community, by falsifying a romantic and sexual relationship with me,” she explained.

Pokimane went on to claim that the individual leaked “privileged information he gathered from his job” and “threatened to harm himself” if the targeted girls ever came forward.

According to Anys, the person was “well-networked in the industry” and “knows many streamers.”

“A few months ago, a few girls in my community came forward to me with some concerns and asked to speak with my manager,” Pokimane continued. “They proceeded to send my manager countless screenshots and videos of their conversations with him, proving the lying and manipulation that was going on.”

Anys said that the person would approach girls in her community and tell them he struggled with mental health issues to gain their trust before sending fabricated conversations between himself and her. He would then allegedly send faked explicit photos of Anys in the hopes of receiving such images from the women in her community with whom he was speaking.

“He acted like he knew and hung out with me and my friends in person,” she explained. “This is someone I’ve never met…It is truly some of the most disgusting and deplorable behavior I’ve ever heard of.”

Anys went on to state that the person has since been fired after an investigation was conducted into their behavior.

“Even now, it frightens me to think about what he might do next,” she admitted. “…if these girls didn’t end up talking to each other and piecing together the fact that he was lying, I don’t know what could have happened.”