Pokimane debuts new hairstyle and fans are divided

Pokimane new hairstyle divides fansInstagram: pokimanelol

Twitch star Pokimane is trying out a new hairstyle — but her fanbase hasn’t come to a consensus on how they feel about the look just yet.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of the most-followed streamers on Twitch, on top of being the single most-followed woman on the platform overall.

Throughout her career as a top-tier online entertainer, Pokimane hasn’t undergone very many major changes to her personal style — although she did dye her hair a subtle shade of red back in Summer 2022.

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However, she’s decided to take a big risk with her hair recently… and her fanbase isn’t sure how to feel about the new look.

Pokimane’s new bangs are dividing her fanbase

On February 17, Anys uploaded a clip to TikTok where she boasted a half-up, half-down hairstyle, with her bangs notably parted in the middle in a ‘curtain’ style.

This is a pretty big change for Pokimane, who has had her bangs in a side part for most of her time as a Twitch streamer. She’s also had regular bangs from time to time that have covered up much of her forehead.

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Anys admitted that she wasn’t too sure about the style, saying she feels as though she looks like a totally different person. “First time wearing a middle part,” she explained. “I feel like I look like a whole new human being. I also feel kinda naked. Like you can see so much of my forehead! Ugh.”

Fans in the comments were fairly divided on her new style. Some commenters loved the look, while others claimed her regular bangs suited her far better.

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“That actually suits you so well, not gonna lie,” one fan wrote.

“You look so cute, but bangs suit you so much,” another said.

“Miss ma’am, every hairstyle looks good on you,” yet another argued.

pokimane new hair comments tiktok copyTikTok: pokimane

Still others claimed that her side part was giving her “mom vibes” — something the streamer claimed she noticed from her fans’ comments in a previous Twitch broadcast.

For now, it looks like the positive comments are reassuring Pokimane about her new hairstyle, which she seemingly wore to Fashion Week in London.

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This isn’t the first time Poki has made a big change to her hair; in 2021, she debuted her naturally curly hair in a stream that went viral, and has chosen to wear her hair in its natural state from time to time ever since.