Pokimane slams Kaite for calling Fed "ugly" on Rajjchelor Twitch show - Dexerto

Pokimane slams Kaite for calling Fed “ugly” on Rajjchelor Twitch show

Published: 30/Apr/2020 12:58

by Calum Patterson


RajjPatel’s popular dating show on Twitch had one of it’s most controversial but also successful episodes on April 29. With OfflineTV member Fedmyster in the hot seat, things took a bizarre turn, as over 70,000 viewers watched on.

Rajj’s show has been a growing phenomenon on Twitch over the past couple of years. The host invites guests, all of whom are also streamers, to rate each other, try to flirt and ultimately try to win the game show-like competition.

Fedmyster was the latest to try his luck on the ‘Rajjchelor’, where female streamers attempted to woo him and vice-versa. Starting out with 11 streamers, it was soon whittled down to one – Kaite, a frequent on the show who is often considered to be the ‘villian’ of the bunch.


Twitch: Rajjpatel
The Rajjchelor starts with a selection of women, before being whittled down.

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After Fedmyster chose Kaite in the final two, she was given the choice of “love” or “host”. If she chose host, the Rajj channel would host her Twitch channel with 70,000 viewers. If she chose love, Fed’s channel would be hosted instead, where the two would have a virtual ‘date.’

In-keeping with her role as the villain, Kaite chose host, but it was her reason why that set things off.

“Honestly, I checked him out before, I think you’re ugly, I’m not attracted to you,” she said, embarrassing Fed in front of tens of thousands of viewers.


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Within minutes, a handful of streamers, including Knut, Pokimane and SlikeR had joined the call, and hit back at Kaite, calling her ugly too.

Kaite responded that it was “all for business,” but Pokimane argued, “you can be all for business and not have to call someone ugly, what the hell?”

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Kaite goes ‘too far’

Rajj himself was not happy with Kaite’s behavior on the show either, explaining to Fed later that he was “so upset.”

“I know you’re a confident person so it’s not really going to affect you, but the fact we had the most viewership ever in the history of my show and that she said that. You are so far from that,” Rajj said. “Nobody told her to say that… it was too far, way over the line.”


The drama will undoubtedly be good for the future of the Rajjchelor show as well though, and Kaite’s comments have likely earned her more haters than new fans.

Fedmyster is already a popular streamer in his own right, but channels have enjoyed a big boost from appearing on the Rajj show before, so he may come out the true winner of the whole ordeal.